Installing the Wireless Lan On Your Oki Printer Device: Quick Method

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Here, in the following blog, we address the problems you face when the LAN menu is not displayed. This may be attributed to the fact that either LAN mod is not attached to the printer or the mode is set to 'disable'. Either way, we have a solution. Follow these easy steps and you will be able to install the wireless LAN module within minutes.

Steps to install the LAN module

  • First of all switch off the machine followed by unplugging the power card
  • In the next step, you are supposed to open the Wireless LAN module cover on the right side of the printer device
  • Further, you should pull out the connector plug and attach it into the module
  • Next, you should carefully close the Wireless mod. Cover
  • Finally, re-plug the power card

We hope that the above blog solved the respective issue in the most effective manner. However, if you are facing any troubles with the machines, just look for the Oki Printer repair center Near me and our expert professionals will identify the glitch and redress with utmost dexterity.